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We work with major insurance companies to individuals
Allstar Appraisals is a very customer oriented company that believes in giving YOU, our customer, a complete product. Our firm handles all types of fishphysical damage appraisals. Our service is completely computerized, which keeps us, as your representatives, up to date on all aspects of the appraisal business.

We are a member of the IADA (Independent Automobile Damage Appraisers) Association.

Diminished Value


Diminished value is figured by the original market value prior to the loss compared with the market value after being repaired.

Total Loss?


Is your property a Total loss? Not sure if your offer is fair? We can tell you if it is or not, or provide an expert appraisal of your property’s value to insure a proper settlement of your claim.

Claim Consultation


Have a difficult claim? Our claim consultation service can help cut through the red tape and get straight answers and sound advice. We’ve assisted thousands of vehicle owners.